Innovative Learning Technology

According to former Secretary of Education Richard Riley, the top 10 jobs that will be in demand in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004. This one semester course provides students with skills relevant to this new reality and offers a forum to discuss the changing demands of the 21st Century. Students will become flexible users of technology to meet their personal and academic goals by introducing core computer tools necessary for success at New Hampton School. Topics covered will include fundamentals such as file and password management, applications such as Microsoft Office, iMovie and email, and internet skills such as search, publishing, collaboration, social networking and internet safety. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills and habits that transcend particular operating systems or applications.

This page is a short version of the syllabus. Click here to view the complete details including grading policies and detailed unit plans. This class is a part of the academic program at the New Hampton School.

Instructor Information

Instructor: Hans Mundahl
Classroom: ARC Computer Lab
Office phone: (603) 677-3546
Skype: hansmundahl
Office hours: alternate Tuesdays at 10:30am
Extra help: Every Thursday night at 8:30pm in Small House (upstairs apartment)

Course Objectives

This course will introduce the Level I technology skills:
  • Word processing including Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Podcasting
  • Internet skills including search, recognizing source credibility & safety
  • Cross platform skills attachments, file and password management, help sources and printing

In addition we will introduce the Level I skills:
  • Awareness: Identify preferred learning styles and personal values
  • Writing: Learn basic grammar, sentence mechanics and paragraph structure

Course Plan

Unit 1

A Vision of Students Today
This unit will provide an introduction to basic concepts to be introduced in this course. Students will become versatile with classroom management tools and gain an understanding of the context in which we will operate.

Unit 2

Shift Happens
This unit will provide the core cross platform skills we will need to function effectively during the rest of the course.

Unit 3

Puzzles vs. Mysteries
In this unit students will be exposed to the three main elements of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint as they explore the differences between puzzles and mysteries. Using a deductive process students will attempt to solve a classic puzzle and will present their findings in writing, statistics and in a presentation.

Unit 4

This I Believe
In this unit students will reflect on their personal values and the values of their parents and grand parents. They will plan and record an audio podcast based on the Edward R. Murrow series, "This I believe."

Unit 5

The Machine is Us/ing Us**
In this unit students will explore the internet including search, web 2.0 and internet safety.

Unit 6

Media Production
In this unit students will create recorded and live media for our new student news program. This unit will conclude with a final broadcast on 4/24.

Unit 7

Course Review & Final Project
This project will engage students with all of the main concepts we've addressed in this course.